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According to statistics, 61% of people visit a business’s website to make a purchase. If you’re one of those unlucky souls who has yet to get their website up-to-par for today’s savvy consumers, then now is the time! Upgrading your site or looking for ways to improve it can be tricky but what do you have lose? With the free help of our design statistics, you’ll be able to see which design trends are popular and will give you peace of mind when it comes time to plan your next website. With our helpful guides and articles, there’s no doubt that on-page detailed understanding is attainable.

What’s new in Web Design?

A wide range of designs have been made over recent years, however the most effective designs consist of the following:

– Mobile/tablet friendly responsive design ? this is where your site will adjust accordingly depending on what device is used to surf it. This is incredibly important as mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches for the first time ever. 1 in 2 searches are now carried out via a mobile device and 94% of people expect businesses to be able to cater for their needs when browsing via a handheld device.

– Easy to use navigation ? this can be achieved with clear labels, minimal clutter and simple graphics. A site that is kept simple and easy to navigate will entice users to spend longer on your site and remember it better.

– Flashy colors? it’s all about creating a design that stands out from the crowd. A color palette that consists of high contrast shades should be used to ensure your customers’ eyes are drawn directly to the key features of your website, after all, without keywords there is no point in having all this eye candy in the first place!

– Video/audio? these are great ways of keeping visitors entertained. Studies have shown that video or audio can stimulate both short term and long term memory recall, but be sure to stick with one or the other as too much of each may confuse your visitors.

– Free or paid? there’s no point in paying for your website, especially if you’re building it yourself, as there are no guarantees that it will work once it is up and running. Quality and safety should come first rather than spending your hard earned money on something you may not even use. In short, free design statistics can be a great way of finding out what other people are doing as well as providing quality advice and tips to help you better your own sites.

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